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What is Agency in North Carolina?

One of the first things ALL real estate agents in North Carolina are required to do is to explain how agency works in our state. The real estate commission says, “In every real estate sales transaction, a broker shall, at first substantial contact with a prospective buyer or seller, provide the prospective buyer or seller with a copy of the publication ‘Working with Real Estate Agents,’

"First substantial contact" can happen in person, over the phone, through video chat or even through email. It's that point in the conversation when the real estate agent and the consumer (buyer or seller) “begin to act as though an agency relationship exists and the consumer begins to disclose to the broker personal or confidential information.”

Kelomi, Inc Real Estate is diligent about making sure buyers who contact us are directed to the brochure (it's in Karla's email signature) and are given a brief explanation with the option of discussing it at a later date. It's important to note that when you're asked to sign the brochure it doesn't obligate you to purchasing real estate; it simply acknowledges that you've been given the brochure and agency has been explained. Here's the link for your reading enjoyment:

Of course, we welcome your questions! Agency is different in each state.

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