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At Kelomi, Inc Real Estate we are prepared to help you buy a home during this time.  

In his Executive Order 121, Section 2C26 (Professional Services), Governor Roy Cooper has declared that Real Estate services are an essential business. To protect our clients, sellers, other members of the community and ourselves, Kelomi, Inc Real Estate has established the following practices to conduct business as safely as possible. These practices will be in place until further notice.  We look forward to the day when we can shake hands, give high fives, hold babies and engage with our clients in the personal way that we enjoy and that they have come to expect.

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  1. We’ll follow all CDC guidelines and National and State Orders

  2. We’ll require all buyers to truthfully answer questions about their recent travel and possible exposure.

  3. All meetings with clients and prospects will be conducted by phone or video teleconferencing.

  4. We’ll respect and comply with all seller and/or listing firm’s lawful requests to protect their homes.

  5. Whenever possible we will preview all potential property matches via Facetime, Skype or other virtual showing platforms. 

  6. We’ll attend all showings wearing protective masks and carrying disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

  7. The following practices apply to all in person showings:

    • No in person showings will be conducted with ill or recently Covid-19 exposed buyers

    • We’ll drive in separate vehicles

    • We’ll ask that no more than 2 adult buyer clients be present for showings

    • We’ll ask all clients to wear protective masks when able

    • We’ll ask that a distance of at least 6 ft be kept between us and our client

    • We’ll enter the home first and open all doors and cabinets before allowing our client entry

    • We’ll ask all clients to avoid touching any surfaces

    • We’ll ask our clients to leave the home before us so that we can close doors and cabinets and wipe down surfaces as needed

  8. We’ll do our best to comply with any requests of home inspectors or other professionals who will be inspecting or evaluating homes. Although it is our practice to attend inspections for all or a portion of the time, most are not allowing the buyer or agents to be present at inspections.

  9. If allowed by the closing attorney, we will attend closings with our buyers but continue to follow safe CDC practices.

  10. We reserve the right to refuse to enter a home or engage in person with any seller or buyer 

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Thank you for patience and understanding as we comply with the CDC guidelines for safely operating during these unusual times.

As always, we are here for you. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to set up a virtual call to discuss your home buying process.

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